My Priestess Awakening x FELICIA BAIRD


‘Love yourself mean it’ series BY FELICIA BAIRD

When my beloved IG friend reached asking if I wanted to be a part of her self love series, without hesitation I was in! I admire Felicia so much for the way she is using her platform to empower women through stories of other women! So for her series I decided to share about my journey of stepping into my Priesthood!

diving in here…. 

 Diary of a Priestess

I knew, as I believe we all on some level do, that I was put on this earth to embody the highest version of myself and by doing so elevate my brothers and sisters to their fullest version of themselves. 

The majority of my life has been spent with myself. Navigating, listening and observing my way through life all the while knowing I was playing small in nearly every area despite my intense drive and charisma. The conversations I was having were unfulfilling, the people around me were surface feeders, my mind was plagued with physical obsessions and an authoritarian tone that was full of everything but love for myself and others. I was a tense masculine ball of stuck up ness, reserve and moodiness. None of which were truly me!

We must unlearn the ways of the world, the language we have adapted and the false beliefs we ingested simply because it was placed on the plate of our minds are poisoning us.

It was not until I started questioning myself. Why was I obsessively controlling my body weight and food? For approval.

Why was I not speaking my mind and letting louder more obnoxious voices lead? To be loved.

Why was I chasing men who could never truly see me or love me? For attention.

Why was would I obsessively work long overtime hours striving and striving? To prove my worth.

My freedom came when I finally could counter these external and worldly pursuits with a deep understanding that I was 100% enough as I am for doing absolutely nothing, just by being.

I chose my priesthood when I saw myself through the eyes of my creator.

 A vision came! I saw me as perfect- an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful light that passionately burned from a deep place within and projected through every cell in my body.

I knew for too long I had played small, I would not waste another moment not loving myself because each day I allowed to pass was yet another that I could have been loving and healing others. I wasn’t just letting myself down but the entire purpose of my life was being placed on a metaphorical backburner simmering and awaiting for me to remember it was there!

My journey of a priestess has been full of fear, pain and confusion as I believe most of ours is, but I am grateful for the scars as they have molded me into the woman I am. I pray that we as women will continue to wake up and remember. We are the center of creation after all, we really ought to give ourselves a round of applause just for that, oh and claim your crown while you’re at it Queens!


The Blonde Priestess