Balancing Divine Feme & Masc


There is a book I am reading right now that is literally transforming my world.

I am so excited to continue sharing what I am learning as I navigate through A Woman’s Worth by the brilliant mind of Marianne Williamson.

I have always been obsessed with understanding of the Feminine and Masculine, and how both energies can exist within all of us. Also, how we can work to balance these between us and our friends, partners and family members.

Marianne shares a genius list (reproduced below) of qualities that the feminine or masculine energy most potently expresses itself through!

Feme Vs Masc

Passive || Active

Magnetic || Dynamic

Is || Does

Receptive || Leading

I can recognize myself when I am out of my Feme- my natural state as a woman. It is necessary to be in a more masculine state in some circumstances in my life, for instance at work or when I am “preaching” an astrology, tarot reading or life lesson. There is a certain role I must step into that involves a giving (masculine energy) as the audience / client/ viewer takes on the role of receiver (feminine energy). However, I always have to make sure to take the time to rebalance the energies within myself- especially when I am interacting with my partner, or needing to write, support in my thankful thursday small group or any other role in my life in which it would be most effective to express myself in my full feme.

It is very important to recognize different times of the day or activities when you need to be in either your masculine or feminine mind. By understanding both and being able to embody and appreciate both we set our partners free and we step into the fullest expression of our natural power.