Pinky Promises || Poem Series


I remember when you called me up tipsy on the wine and fearing the change...

Remember babe?

You sneak attacked me with a call on FaceTime.

You wanted to show me the fire of that Dublin sky,

as I looked at your grin backlit with the most divine skyline i knew even more,

that i needed you now more than ever before.

minutes later your voice was in my ear, 

The sound of tears coming down your face.

your pain ripped open my heart,

and i stumbled to find words to fill the space.

between your outbursts of despair i whispered things of love.

i told you donna would hold you now,

I felt you should invite her in like you knew you could.

You sobbed like a child out of control.

you were scared to get clean, ashamed of what you had done.

I told you i loved you and everything you had done.

because without it you wouldn’t be the one.

I will never forget that day, that phone call from miles away,

when you pulled back the curtain concealing your heart.

I wondered at its courage like a piece of fine art.

I love you and your wounded hero soul.

The brokenness in me honors the brokenness in you.

grab my hand and never let it go.

i want to always be your partner i want to hold you when you’re low.

I want to be with you and elevate each other as we grow.

wrap your arms around me and tell me its okay,

look me in the eyes and promise me we’ll stay.

I know this is something we could never guarantee...

But can we just pretend we know exactly how it will be? 

I honor your path and i know this is not easy,

I just hope i can be there whenever you need me.

your honesty crushed me, though your timing was divine.

You were right to wait to tell me.

I needed to see and love your being before I could honor the un-divine.

Maybe this is backwards, maybe I’m wrong,

But ever since I saw your true light shine I knew there’s nothing you couldn’t overcome.

I trusted you with my heart and I see why you did what you felt you had to. 

This revealed the level of respect and just how much we meant to you.

I know you were embarrassed, I know you thought the truth would make me run.

But how could I? When I see you as a being brighter than the sun.

The realities of your confession deeply shook me yet tasted familiarly,

Wounds of childhood emerged from places that had long been hidden to me.

Through your healing I too have found I must forgive and drop the gavel. 

Living a life judging others from atop my priestess pedestal,

claiming a faux aura of unconditional love like a fool.

It is said; to be truly naked with another is to disrobe not the body but the soul. 

So here I am in the purest form of intimacy dropping all of my armor.

 Through your pain and my past we will make the beauty of our lights remarkable. 

Pinky promise me babe, we’ll be fine