Lust vs. Love ||| VOL III.


if peace had a a physical manifestation it would look like you and I in an embrace.
the love of intent seeps through every tensed muscle, heated touch and look you give me.
Your eyes beg for me to get it.
but i dont.
your energy silences my mind and awakens my body.
the first man to make love to me
you changed my world.
my words are now poetry
my thoughts now blossom with fiery kisses of passion
my imagination bows to you
you rule my mind like a mustang running free, unbridled and full of reckless pursuits.
i want to say i love you but instead i show you
i want to keep you but i want you free.
every time you leave it feels like a cinematic exit.
if I had one wish it would be to bottle your voice.
record it on my phone
play it whenever I crave you
which would be often.

You want me to get something through your eyes, through your touch
but i dont.
can you just tell me?
can we make this simple?
Can we just say so…



The Blonde Priestess