Lust vs. Love ||| VOL II.


Lover, will you be my lover?
Will you feel my love?
Will you accept my praise?
Will we grow together like a rose bush next to a grape vine?
Will you hush me when I cry
and soothe me when I sob?
Are you my man?
Am I your rib?
Lover, I crave you.
Lover, You are familiar to me like a sweet fragrance I can never quite remember the name of.
Will you touch me with love and satisfy my desire?
Are you the man who stands in the flames of my emotions and rides the waves of my demands?
Lover, when I wrap my legs around your thick torso and you press into my depths I feel the creation of life inside, outside, and all around us.
Lover, I sense our bond building and I am hungry for more…
Lover, you are like none other before.
Your touch electrifies every cell in my body and numbs my mind with dispersed whispers of intent.
Lover, how hot is our passion?
Say you love me, for I already know you do.
Drop your guard
and show me that it is I, you choose. 
Lover, its our time
Isn’t this fun?!
You are my man and I am your woman.



The Blonde Priestess