Selective Hearing of the High Priestess

She focuses her listening on God & her own intuition... 

I was recently reminded of a victory and applauding myself when a sweet girlfriend brought up a small little dating dilemma in her life.

I knew the lesson she was needing to step into was one I had just navigated.  

It was the craziest thing: the that the moment after she finished sharing with me her turmoil and confusion, I could feel the revelation of the very lesson I was about to teach her come full circle. I realized that in order for me to truly understand a lesson for myself, I must complete the learning cycle by educating, guiding and sharing my experience with someone who will benefit from it! So, needless to say, I was beyond grateful to have been presented with an opportunity to share my own similar experiences of pain and frustration, thus giving these challenging times in my life a purpose.

God will lace your past pain and hurt with purpose.

I shared with my friend that when it comes to seeking advice, you need to first seek the council of the only one who could ever really give you pure and genuine guidance: God. She was specifically confused about a potential romantic relationship. She said she was simply feeling lost- like she wasn't hearing God come through. She shared And was sort of sharing awkward and challenging moments between her and this man- thus sparking many loving though severely misguided bits of advice from her numerous confidants. This was music to my ears because I knew exactly what God was calling me to guide her with in that moment. The message was clear, short and sweet and as follows:

"Stop using all of these opinions and chatter to build up a witch hunt against this guy. Stop bringing it up to people and stop seeking council because through all of this noise you WILL lose sight of not only His voice but of your own super wise inner voice as well."

This sounds quite blunt but my friend is a strong and powerful woman and I knew I had to deliver this message with no trimmings, beans or potatoes- just the meat! She was shook with a knowing that my words and message were FOR her and were FROM him! I could feel it too, and it was a remarkable moment I don't believe I will ever forget.

You are a high priestess! And if you have connected with God or are on the path to figuring out who and what He means to you then you will begin to find it easier and easier to be guided along a path that truly is paved with your best intentions in mind. This is exactly what I experienced! 

As a people-pleasing Gemini with Pisces influence (meaning I can easily be swayed), a huge lesson I had to learn in my own life is that all of the outside opinions, directions and orders oftentimes feel wrong and confusing to me. By listening to others' opinions over my own, I lose sight of what I want in a situation and find myself taking on others' desires for my life! It is as if by asking for advice from people that I truly value and admire, I am inadvertently creating a fog that clouds my vision to the path down which God is calling me; this confusion or mist hides the steps he longs for me to take in the conflict I face. I spent many days of turmoil in my situation that was similar to my friend's. I was thrown about in the same opinion tornado that my friend was experiencing, but then I had a beautiful and clear revelation to just SHUT UP; stop talking about it and keep it sacred within.

DISCLAIMER: I absolutely 100% believe that council and community are imperative to our human existence and mental/emotional well being; however, there is a fine line where suggestions and advice can begin to shift a truth you know deep in your own heart.

After I noticed that my best course of action was to get super still and quiet, I dove right into deep daily mediations. It took a few days to calm my mind back down, especially whenever I thought about the (triggering) subject at hand. I cultivated many deep breaths to blow out the whirlwind of voices telling me to do this or do that. After these couple of days of keeping quite and holding my situation sacred within myself and with God, I began to see my path. I began to hear God's words whispering to me in my quietest of moments, encouraging me and offering steps and solutions.

So let this be a lesson for you. No matter how far away you step from God, he shall never leave you nor forsake you.

And is that not the most irreplaceable feeling in the entire world?!!?


The Blonde Priestess

Super Special loving thanks to my angel Virgo friend who doubled as an editor for this very special post. Justine, you have been such a blessing in my life in more ways then I can possibly love! Thank you! @ Justine Szendzielorz 

AND one last loving acknowledgment to my sweet Pisces friend who's tale was featured in this Musing. Thank you for trusting me with your dilemma and in your sharing I hope you were able to find peace during your process. You offered an incredible learning experience for me as well! Love your hunny @ Candace