Don't forget! Joy, Peace and Happy is a Choice

I say 'don't forget' because I have forgotten.....

It's funny or perhaps ironic that in the scriptures we see a common thread of repetition. As if God knew how quickly it is from moment to moment that we can forget. It's like by lunch time the miracle that occurred during our morning commute has vaporized from our memory and along with it our hope that we are seen by God. So he reminds us and reminds us and remind us. Go forth, be strong, have courage oh yea and bring your strength oh and don't forget you'll need courage and oh yea go forth, get moving... go go go!! Lol 

It is true that we are God's Children and so it is not so surprising that we often times will need the same prodding, encouragement and reminders that a small child would...

Lately I can feel myself forgetting my blessings. Forgetting my true nature of love and light. And sensing myself quickly getting pulled into the chaos that swirls around us in day to day life. I am proud that I could at least recognize it pretty quickly when I was stepping into the darkness. However, I am not quite as proud of the amount of time and effort it took to get me back to my loving state- this was a red flag for me because the state of love IS our natural state.

We were designed in the eyes of the creator as perfect physical embodiments of Love.

One of my great sexy spiritual scorpio gurus, Gabby Bernstein(if you don't know her give it a Google and settle in for hours of incredible mindset shifting content!) she says all of the time that it is not about how often you get pulled into fear and negativity but it's more about how quickly you can shift out of it! So this teaching was pulled to the front of my mind as I found myself constantly detouring to fear and choosing to see the dark as opposed to the potential of possibilities and positive opportunities that exist within every trying situation. To get more specific and bring this down to a practical level I will give you an example just from the other day.

So it was a Monday evening in LA just like any other.....

Traffic abound with desperate hungry people with full bladders spurred by the hour + commutes from the office. I found myself in the thick of it running tight on time heading to my new favorite dance class. I simply COULD NOT miss it. So as I hurry along it looked like I would arrive not only in time but with a gracious 2 minutes to find parking as well! Oh, side note the dance spot is on Melrose Ave in the heart of West Hollywood. Translation: 24-7 gridlock with 5-10 parking spots(seemingly) total on the entire Avenue. Nevertheless, I felt confident in my guardian angels ability to find me miracle parking as they often do upon request! BTW if you are not asking for help from your angels on simple tasks that will bring ease to your daily life then what are you even doing?!! You have a fleet of 4-7 year old mentality angelic cherubs floating around eager to please you and just waiting for a request, just like the way those beloved toddlers do when you catch them in the perfect "mama's #1 helper" phase!

So I asked mine to clear a path and get me to dance class on time- and I must say they fulfilled this request beautifully somehow miraculously shaving 10 min off my ETA, which NEVER happens. Parking was going to be a synch, and now I had time for a pee break before I busted out my moon walking skills. Yeah, God had a different plan.

Never before have I been circling around the same 5 block radius and have about the same number of individuals cut me off and steal newly available parking spots right before my very eyes. I felt my anger rising as person number 3 slid into my targeted and blinker claimed parallel spot. I began to twist in my mind and curse under my breath, it was now 5 min after my class start time. My higher self tried to talk me off the ledge reassuring me with the fact that we had started class late last week and I would be fine sliding in a bit past the hour. But the fear and controlling voice was strong, stronger than usual and loud and relentless.

I got to the point where I could literally feel myself so out of the vortex of love and light and immersed in to a negative world that I was literally creating chaos.

2 more stolen spots and a piercing scream and stream of curse words later along with some eratic gas, brake, gas, brake combos and I was exhausted. I finally realized that it was now a quarter past the hour, I was beyond late and my mood was so foul I didn't have the heart to project that energy onto any other innocent beings(TAKE NOTE ENERGY DUMPERS AND VAMPIRES!).

So I pulled into the hazard zone(lol I defenilty see the irony now) put my blinkers on and ran into the class to have them remove me from the roster so I didn't also have to bear the hefty Classpass no-show penalty. And the moment I walked in I felt so sad as my favorite poppy beat came over the speakers and I was surprised when my beautiful angel friend smiled up at me from under her faded blue Dodgers cap. I could have cried right then and there. So not only was I missing out on my favorite exercise class of the week, I wasn't going to be able to enjoy catching up with my soul sister, I had failed at finding parking just like some kind of LA amateur AND now I was going to have to drive 1 hour back across town to my other gym to workout(yes, in my MC Hammer pants and dance sneakers) OH and I had a bladder about to explode! My heart was broken, my anger through the roof(which is a rare emotion for me) and a general frustration with my guides and God. I mean HELLO it is their job to help me out with this human life thing after all, right?! 

P.S. Major red flag when you start blaming others for your state of being 😀.

So I exited the dance studio and sadly waved to my friend hopped into my car, not to quickly though because you know the pee thing... And I began my journey to my across town gym.

That was a bit long winded story but I wanted to elaborate so that you could find areas of relation and now I can clearly show and reveal where I went the wrong direction in my state of mind.

I chose to see my parking spots getting stolen in front of my eyes as a crime! I chose to curse those people instead of consider the possibility that they may be in way bigger of a hurry then me, I mean who knows maybe they were running late for a business dinner with a huge deal that had millions hanging in the balance. I chose to see these seemingly endless blocks as bad luck, misfortune and injustices instead of taking a step back and a deep breath and choosing to see these delays and shut-outs as mini blessings. What if I wasn't suppose to go to dance class that night for some unknown reason? What if I needed to spend my energy at my other gym? What if all of these detours were apart of God's bigger plan for my day?

Another great spiritual teacher, Michael Bernard Beckwith always says it is the Quality of our questions that keep you trapped in a place of fear. I needed to shift the "Why me?!" to "What is God wanting me to slow down for?" "How can see this situation from an elevated posture?".

I believe that it is from this mindset that even in the face of "bad" circumstances we can see the good. We can stay in flow and chose joy. Or not! I mean you can totally twist up, curse and yell, scream and cry and let your entire night be ruined and likely face the residual effects the next day from this choice. This is the beauty of free will!


And if you do walk down the road of destruction then own it Priestess! It is okay. All is well. And beating yourself up for your flare up of human-ness will not do anyone any good. So forgive yourself, realize where you stepped off your path and choose again!

I love you, I honor you and I'm doing this right alongside you!

P.S. Don't be afraid to tell God exactly what you think and feel. He knows your heart and he knows how to help you heal. Confide in him, trust him and feel him wrap you in the unconditional warm golden hug that only he can give you and know it is well.


The Blonde Priestess