You are the Great Stone Dragon!

Y'all remember that line from the world class animated film, Mulan? The beloved Mushu claims; "I am the Great Stone Dragon!" while deceiving the ancestors and elders by holding up the giant stone head of an actual dragon with his skinny little lizard arms. This is quite a comical moment but there was always something deeper and much more powerful that stood out in this scene to me, and as I reflect on the movie as an adult I can now fully understand why it was so monumental for me even as a child.

 Mushu knows how to claim his power!

He steps into this power and overcomes DESPITE what some may say are insurmountable odds! He IS tiny, he does NOT have magical powers and he is facing OBSTACLES that he seems in no way suited to overcome. Basically, the odds are totally not in his favor. Yet he persists?

How can we be more like Mushu?

Do not look around at your provisions for clues on whether you are prepared or not!

Everything you need to overcome the challenges you will face can be found within you! You can be broke and create a fortune(reference any under dog story EVER- Tony Robbins, Ophra... on and on! You can be dyslexic and write a novel, from a single lonely soul to a beautiful abundant relationship. Your barren fields are the exact places God longs to put his touch on- it is where there seems to be no hope, no potential- as the Bible says "a withered hand". This is the exact place where you will find your provisions, your strength and everything you need(lessons and experiences and growth) to complete your journey!

See your circumstances as opportunities to prove yourself!

Mushu literally leaped at the opportunity to "Go forth and fetch Mulan!". Imagine the amount of confidence and self assurance this little lizard had to possess in order to be prepared to spring into action the moment he saw his window. When faced with a challenge that seems insurmountable, it seems like an unachievable goal- are you one who backs away, do you look down at you hands, or body or clothes or status and say you can't do it? Do you tell yourself your not strong enough, rich enough, funny enough, pretty enough, tall enough.... in other words do you lose the moment because you are unconvinced your worthy or capable of succeeding? How many of the battles we never leap into do we lose? Exactly, all of them. So instead of pre-judging yourself, criticizing and critiquing- most of the time before you have even tried practice instead just diving straight in! Don't even think about just spring the moment you see opportunity. God favors action and momentum is only gained from moving forward. Look a Mushu, his journey started off in literally the worst possible case scenario. Destroying a family god like statue/heirloom, deceiving the ancestors and partnering with a lying cricket to embark on a journey that in scale to them was literally bigger than life. But it was along the way to the "goal" that the real plan-God's plan- unveiled itself. 

And most importantly, have fun!!

Joy is the our natural state. I believe this with my entire soul. Even our biology reflects this! Our faces were designed to lift and curve into smiles naturally, our voices bubble with unique sounds know as giggles each vibrating with its on unique tone, and I believe our lips and arms were meant to kiss and hold and caress and love on each other with. We are beings of love that are meant to be having fun. So how can we incorporate this lesson even into the "mundane" or ordinary tasks of our daily lives? 


The Blonde Priestess