Lust vs. Love ||| VOL I.


Your big hand on my neck and shoulders

gently trailing over my shoulder blade and lightly pressing and caressing.

are you meant to show me intimacy?

or are you meant to show me love?

I would like for you to show me both.

would i want you so badly if I knew i could have you?

"Be still. I want to feel me inside of you."

Be still. I want to feel you inside of me too.

You fall asleep with your leg on mine and i am so paralyzed by the delicious sensation of skin (and loss of blood) that I dread moving. 



The Blonde Priestess




PS many of the fashion shots on my feed are from my styling and creative directing past life! I thought this was a beautiful way to incorporate my art with my passion and to also share original content! All of these Creations were made possible along with an incredible team including Alejandra Palma, Miko, Pamela and on and on! If you want more deets just ask!😘