Lust vs. Love ||| VOL IV.


I died. you died.
with the touch of a button
a thumbs down
an unfollow.
Do you walk among the graveyard scanning for my name etched on the hard stones
Do you even know which name to look for?
How can so much heat be dispersed so quickly?
How can the smoke vaporize with the bat of an eyelash?
the ground is marked from our lighting strike
the coming together of two young, naive and passionate bodies
I'm convinced lust is love
or is it simply more intoxicating?
I have forgotten the feeling
But i remember that i loved it.
i want you again but i will never
my flesh has a mind that ignores the future and the past.
My flesh loves you though my heart was never given to you
my time was spent on you...
and the bills still come in addressed to me but your name is scrawled in the memo.
shhhh I dont want to hear your lies
shhhhh it doesn’t matter what our mouths create
I only want to hear the things you show me.



The Blonde Priestess