God asked me to build this House

This is a message that has been burning inside of my heart for longer than it was ever intended to. God speaks to us and in most cases tells us exactly what to do! He tells us the action to take and we choose to procrastinate or we "pray about it" or we say we will get to it when _____. But lets be real, you hear God but you don't find meaning in what he has called you to do, or you cannot see the benefit of doing what he asked of you. Perhaps, in some cases you are genuinely lazy or uninspired to move- all of these seem to be valid motives for us to procrastinate. And of course that is exactly what the devil desires for your life. Stagnation, disease and disintegration of God's seeds.

So Priestess the question is; Do you hear the words God has spoken to you?

Do you know what He has promised for your life?

Have you prayed for the next step?

Is there a calling, a seed inside of you begging to be watered and promising the greatest harvest your eyes will ever behold?

The Blonde Priestess is not of me but is of the Lord. He spoke this site, this concept and this name on my heart and asked me to write, write, write. And, I mean, clear direction was given to me, which was when I initially started the account and was shook'en with so much passion and drive I could hardly sleep at night creating this space. But somewhere along the way the fire dispersed, my focus wavered and The Blonde Priestess put her Priesthood on the back burner. Now, I must offer a bit of defense in saying that it was during this season in my life that I entered into one of the most promising romantic relationships of my life with a beautiful, focused and kindred soul, I was disheartened with my job and chasing an evasive dollar and I was occupying all my free time with rediscovering my love for physical fitness and consuming absorbent amounts of knowledge from personal self development gurus. So that last sentence had "positive" and "negative" distractions woven in it, but when we really look at it, they were all houses I was building based on the foundations of my own strength and with my back turned to God.

Spoiler Alert:  It ALL came crashing down.

I found myself curled in a ball on my floor sobbing from the very center of my darkened, hardened heart. Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically broke. Obsessing over getting the simplest of reply from my "soul mate bf" who was not returning my texts, freaking out over deals that weren't going through at work and feeling so beyond alone. So as I curled into the fetal position on my cold wooden floor of my bedroom  I could feel myself at the feet and in the presence of the Lord. The amount of love and light I could sense cascading around me was overwhelming. It felt as if time no longer mattered, as my mascara streamed down my entire face and my childish screams echoed throughout my (thankfully) empty house. I never had felt so broken, my chest beat with a pain  only a shattered heart can emit, and I whined like a shaved poodle sitting on a freezing porch step wanting back inside the house. I too wanted back in the light and warmth, I wanted love and comfort, attention and hope. And that is when the only one that could truly give this peace to me began to soothe me over top of my screams and tears and I had a sense that He pulled me into his lap and simply held me while the angels looked on with love and understanding. I recall yelling at God and feeling a deep unsettling confusion. He answered me with love, grace and joy. He was so happy to finally have me home, He was so relieved to be able to be my source of strength, He was so grateful to be done with praying I would find Him in the most gentlest way possible. To be honest I felt like I had had a near death experience without the traumatic car accident or discovery of cancerous cells. While physically none of this had happened to me I was so deeply unsettled and shattered I knew this was the lowest point I had ever been in my life and now in hindsight

...I am beyond grateful it didn't take a physical disease or trauma to break and wake me up.

I will go more in depth in the future looking at the steps I took that had led me to this moment of my remembering God. I feel that hearing and reading others stories of when they are actually in the thick of it can sometimes be the most healing, but what I most want to highlight right now is that I never could have been in my full priestess light for you and myself if I hadn't built her on the foundation of Christ. As I type that it seems like a "duh!" moment but upon the birth of this journey I truly was intending to speak to you from a mystical and spiritual context like spirit and universe verbiage, which is hilarious because there is none other more spiritual than the Lord himself!

So, I would love to hear your story! What brought you to this moment, the meeting of your Priestess? 

And has the Lord been speaking a message into your heart that you have yet to take action on? Yeah me too! But I am in this with you to support you and move through this journey of rediscovering our divinity and moving in the ways that offer the greatest honor to our God!

I Love because I am Love, I Love You because He Loves You. I built this house for His Glory and for Your awakening.


The Blonde Priestess