New Moon || Libra


New Moon in Libra giving all the feels…

# 1 recommendation is self love practices and actual pampering.... take a bath, get a massage, extend your meditation time just DO something to feel good for the senses in a healthy way of course!

Because Libra is ruled by Venus aka sensual, luxury lovin, harmonizing goddess! Honor her and you with these types of practices….

I get SUPER quiet on new moons literally not much to say....I’ve realized as i begin to prepare for the next cycle of creation 🌚(waxing and then eventually full moon) I feel a distinct emptiness, a starting over, a blank page an empty womb! I honestly didn’t even have much to say to you guys right now so I suppose something else is flowing out of me rn! lol
ANYWAY do some new moon sh#^ tonight and tomorrow and get real curious about what needs to STAY in your space for this next cycle of creation and what needs to GO.

Write it down and date it babes I promise you it will blow your mind when you look back in 6mos on the corresponding full moon ♎️ and see ALLL that you created!


The Blonde Priestess

To do the right thing at the right time is a great art.
— Helio Gracie