Full Moon || Taurus



There is a feeling of transformation in the air with this full moon as our sun ALSO slides into Scorpio the deep dwelling sign of - regeneration -
There are also aspects to Uranus as well as some play coming from Venus Rx with this moon 🧐 essentially demanding that we change the way we view things, perhaps it’s in relation to our selves, our partners or maybe even our work and how we make money or create in the world!

PS That thing/person/situation that’s coming into your mind as you read this rn is a little sign post directing you to what is needing to go through a metamorphosis in your world! 🤗🙋🏼‍♀️

Otherwise, try to relax for the next couple days, take it a little easier, sleep ALOT if you can and meditate on what you have created and what you feel needs to be created in your world! Scorpio Sun will assist you in building new bridges 🌉 and burning old ones down if need be LOL


The Blonde Priestess