Do you tell yourself this?


“Self, I adore you.”🤗❤️🧡💛💚🤗

If there is one thing I have learned that was absolutely CRUCIAL to my mental health it was how to fall in love with myself, and to STAY in love with myself.
Not just physically, though sometimes this is something that CRIPPLES us for our entire lives, understandably so w/ all of the voices we allow to dictate to us what is beautiful and not.
(S/o to this goddess for helping me break that insanity years ago! Katie Dalebout)

But falling in love with my mind, my past and my behaviors was a whole other layer deeper and “easy” is deff not a word that comes to mind BUT “worth it” is!!!
I used to seek validation through just about anything AND still totally do- but now I pause mid-action and say; “I see you, check your intentions Christina.”

**Yes I totally talk to myself And I will continue to encourage you to do so as well! And in that moment of what I can only call grace. I can realign my mind and my behaviors with my truest self- the one that KNOWS in her deepest of hearts that nothing I say/ don’t say, do/ don’t do could ever make me loveable or unlovedable
I am loved because I am love.
I am adored because I adore.
I am perfect because I was created that way.
And so are you!!! Can’t wait for you to just see it, so you can stop wondering if you are shiny or not and just assume you are and start SHININ already, we need you!


The Blonde Priestess