HBD Love Note Series || Libra



Major themes right now for the collective is ALLL things partnership!🧡💛💚❤️
Romantic, platonic, coworkers- what lessons, challenges or positive things are coming up for you rn? This time will OFTEN feel very lovey dovey but not in the way you expect... it is also known to be crammed pack full of lessons in Love!!

Here are a few good things to consider during the month of October…

Where can you soften or be more loving?

How can you be more unconditional with your love- loving others in a way that makes them feel good not just how you want to love them!!

How can you show YOURSELF more love and attention?!

Hbd Fellow air sign!🎈
Here’s a Libran love note to you:

Goddess of love, truth, balance and harmony,
You bring beauty to this world with your eye for luxury.
A cloud of perfumed gold follows you wherever you go,
Queen of the scales, there is not a solution you don’t know.
Amazing ability to see both sides with precision,
your only flaw is being caught in between indecision.
Trust yourself Libra and move forward in confidence,
Know that the world is listening and moves to your accordance.
I adore you for your huge service heart and ability to love all,
HBD Venusian goddess and may this be the best solar return and Fall!