Guiltless World || Priestess ACIM Lesson


Good Morning babes!

I’ve been reading a few passages from ACIM every morning tech free just me and the miracles, but this am’s practice was too good not to share!

It comes from Chapter 13 “The Guiltless World” VI. Finding the Present. All of this section is speaking on time and the illusions we hold around its validity or lack there of.

The miracle enables you to see your brother… Let no dark cloud out of your past obscure him from you, for truth lies only in the present.

-A Course in Miracles

Your past was made in anger, and if you use it to attack the present, you will not se the freedom that the present holds.

-A Course in Miracles

Look lovingly upon the present, for it holds the only things that are forever true.

-A Course in Miracles

All healing lies within because its continuity is real. The present is before time was, and will be when time is no more. Their continuity is timeless and their communication is unbroken, for they are no separated by the past.

-A Course in Miracles

Love always leads to love.

-A Course in Miracles

With Love Always,