Surrender || Priestess Client Lesson


Yesterday I cried. During work.

I would feel the emotions and run to the bathroom. I cried on my drive home to the thought of the meaning behind a song, I cried in my bed staring at myself in the mirror while the emotions possessed me. I feel a lot. I fear a lot as well.

A beautiful revelation transpired yesterday while I read a fellow Cancer moon client. Topics of surrender came up in answer to her incessant career questioning. And I heard her saying in response to me asking her to let it go, stop trying to find the why or what just allow it to unfold and have faith it is doing so for your highest good! She replied on several different occasions, “yea, its just hard.” or “that’s the hardest thing in my life to do.”. Her words of course magnetizing more evidence to solidify the correctness of her belief, I instantly wanted to correct her and then I paused. I could feel her words were reflecting my words and inner beliefs 😮😯

I thanked God in that moment for the beautiful lesson and messenger he had brought to me in the form of someone I was intended to help.

The lesson of Faith, belief and surrender have also seemed to be big themes and challenges in my world. Although I have made significant growth from the position I used to be, I still often find myself clinging to answers, theories and

evidential predictive breadrcrumbs that I feel will tell the future and that I can hold on tightly to.

The only source of peace from this insescant thinking and painful investigation is surrender. To God. To a higher power. To your ancestor. WHATEVER. Let it go and allow the Universe to do what it was already going to do despite whether you obsessed and painfully thought about it and hypothesized or not!

Let go of the illusion that you have any control or say in the beautiful unfolding of your life.

I have seen through the beautiful mirror of my client how when we don’t surrender to the complete perfection of the cosmos we are victims to the schemes and illusions of the thinking mind, the ego.