Confessions of a Cancer Moon || Priestess Musings


I’ve been thinking alot about understanding my people better in my world and how I can love them better and in a way that feels better for them!

Investigating this naturally would take any astrologer to a few significant places in the birth chart. The first for me is always the moon sign and house placement. Next would be the Venus sign and house as well as the 7th house and any significant planets or aspects that might be occurring there.

Today I want to talk about the moon sign though!

The watery ruled planet dictating our sacred inner most emotional world. The quiet dark place inside of us that few are fully shown. It whispers the desires and needs of our truest heart! Love someone according to their moon sign and they will never want to be anywhere but with you!

Can you imagine?

Being so fully seen, understood and loved in the exact way that your truest heart longs for! When you want space they’ll know, when you need to just cry and whine without having solutions thrown at you they surrender their shoulder to you, when you want to be light and playful they will celebrate it and encourage it out of you etc!!

PS if they don’t know intuitively that’s okay!! Where one is enlightened both are enlightened! So share with them what you need- Babes but please, I cannot say this loud enough DO this with RESPECT and LOVE, always!

Often as I dive down these rabbit holes of understanding my loved ones placements, I always feel a renewed sense of curiosity to understand myself on a deeper level as well. Today I read a beautiful article by Astrocodex on my natal Cancer moon and I just received TOO many “aha moments” to not share my findings!

LISTEN up babes! If you or your loved ones have a Cancer moon or you just want to understand your Priestess better this is going to be like a giant PSA that we crabby natives always wanted our beloveds to know about our inner world!

We are highly sensitive and emotionally driven beings! Defined by our feeling essence and our need to connect, nurture, love and most importantly feel safe. There is one way to crack and cook a crab (in my humble Maryland native opinion!) and that is to steam it! Similarly, the cancer moon needs love, affection and simply warmth to open up. When we have this we are able to freely unlock a whole other inner world that few are aloud access to. Our thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and wishes for the future are locked within the confines of our hard and nearly always impenetrable shell.

Much more to come on Moon placements, Natal positioning and Cancer, but for now I hope that severed you! Lastly, in honor of Cancer season, I am loving on you so deeply from my Cancer moon right here!

Tenderly Yours,