Loneliness = Lust

I heard a big lesson and reminder on Lust this past week! Our least favorite L word to talk about but coincidentally enough the one L word that we mix up the most with the real L (ove) word. 

Sometimes being aware that you are a divine spirit having a human experience can be V confusing. I would say biasedly of course that it is more challenging then the younger souls path who believe they really ARE this human body and of this material world. Those of us that maybe have been around a few more times have gained the awareness that nothing on this physical plane is even real, including the mushy, yet hard, yet soft and warm bodies we feel and desire!

The trouble comes when we must face the fact that although You yourself are not your body, you have been entrusted and housed within it. That is the cold hard truth. So this brings me to my question! How can we be an elevated spirit focused on raising our consciousness and showing up in the world as a being of light and love and still dwell peacefully in our human form along with all of its needs and desires?!

ENTER, a sermon from one of my most favorite speakers and pastors, Steve Furtick of Elevation Church. Throughout the 45 min video he rains down an onslaught of truth bombs that reverberated through my computer screen and into the depths of my soul. For instance; 

People are not trees for us to go and just pick fruit from...
— Furtick

*mind blown

This ultimately looped into a lesson he preached about the root of all addictions and lusty desires. I truly believe -through experience- that there are no victims in relationships centered around lust. Many people will claim that "he was just a player" or "she wasn't looking for anything serious", but as they say; it takes two to tango. So, what I allow in my space and around me makes me just as responsible as the intentions and desires that you have and are pursuing.

These relationships have SOO much purpose though. I believe they are meant to break our hearts a little, crush our ego's and leave us feeling abandoned - Geezz a lil harsh there TBP- I know, sorry! I only feel able to speak so honestly on this because I have experienced it so very first hand! And although these interactions ripped my heart I do believe they helped shape me into the woman that I am, and to also shed light on an undetected wound within me. Furtick goes on to reveal the root behind all addictions and lusty desires are actually planted in a soil of need;

The need that you are seeking to fill is not wrong, rather it’s the ways in which you are going about meeting those needs that is wrong.

So now here comes our work! What is the real need here? Why do I need random hookups, one night stands, a bottle, a blunt or multiple lovers attention in order to feel whole and validated?

What is the root of this Want?

Can I follow this want to its source to reveal the need that I am truly seeking to fill?

Yes. Yes you can!

I love you, and I belive in you!


The Blonde Priestess