Note to Self: Love Me So I Can Love Others Better

I have been discussing this with several fellow independent yet extroverted girlfriends of mine latley! The idea of taking time for ourselves can feel almost like a luxury in which we never indulge. I believe especially feminine beings take on a role of the nurturer and care provider which can ultimately end up chaining them to their loved ones and their ever evolving needs.

This is awesome when balanced with a self love practice, should the scales tip in the direction of other needs we may begin to find a feelings of annoyance, moodiness and ultimately resentment formulating within ourselves.

My best suggestion if you do not have intuitive partners in your life or people that are sensitive to your schedules and moods (these are rare connections btw!) if you have been lucky enough to find them hold on to them! But I would suggest, regardless developing the ability to address your needs within yourself fearlessly and honestly and then addressing them with your partners!

Tell them your needs, tell them how you feel and TRUST me those that truly love and care for you will gladly give you the space and time you need to recuperate. 

All healthy relationships have a mutual understanding of the importance of both individuals finding peace and joy within themselves so that they may ultimately show up bigger and brighter for the partnership!

In short, take that time, show yourself love with 0% guilt and 100% knowing that you DESERVE to experience that beautiful love you always project out into the world!



The Blonde Priestess