Sun Sign Quickie

Hi Peeps!

So in honor of my IG live story for my almamater FIDM I have decided to do a quickie breakdown on all of the Sun signs for Astro beginners or for a refresher on one of the most potent aspects in an astro birth chart!







ARIES: Fire ruled, adventurous, natural initiator 

TAURUS: Earth Goddess, beautiful taste and 100% chill

GEMINI: Air sign w/ 0% chill lol, social, butterfly, multitasker 

CANCER: Water ruled, nurturing and understanding /empathetic

LEO: Fire Goddess, flare and flash beautiful positivity, performer

VIRGO: Earth ruled girl/boy boss! Natural communicator/ CEO

LIBRA: Air goddess and lover of beautiful ascetics and harmony

SCORPIO: Water ruled, deeply intuitive and powerful mover and shaker

SAGITTARIUS: Fiery! Optimistic and wanderlust full, adventurous and witty

CAPRICORN: Earthy! Practical, focused, poised and creatively abundant

AQUARIUS: Airiest! Unique and quirky, the ultimate unapologetic individual

PISCES: Water goddess! Deeply dreamy and imaginative, forward thinking, rare beauty


The Blonde Priestess