Full Moon || SCORPIO Manifestations 2018

In honor of our deep full moon in Scorpio you need to recognize the importance of the corresponding new moon (approximately 6 mo's prior to its completion aka Full Moon). We saw this Scorpio New moon in November 2017- You should definitely take a moment to reflect on this- check out prominent themes in your life during this time period, I also use my last year agenda/ journals and sometimes pictures in my gallery to help refresh my memory on my world 6 months ago.

This Scorpionic energy was asking us to go deeper, demanding us to get super clear about what we wanted to create- what we were wanting to change. Further, what we were agreeing to do which would undoubtably be required of us in order to create and manifest.

I always aim to be as vulnerable and open with yall. Here is a super inside peek at my raw intentions and mantras from this past New Moon in Scorpio- where I was in the thoughts of financial instability, a feeling of losing my voice and say in the world, a loss of control in my day to day activities and a deep desire to prepare my heart for my partner I knew was on the way to me.

I can see the pain and almost desperation in my words I scrawled out on that dark moon of 11/2017. It simply is remarkable the seeing of this come full circle in April 2018. Never underestimate the healing powers of time and also the infinite and limitless power of God.



The Blonde Priestess