Rising/Ascendants || What's the deal?

WOW! Just went a little deeper into my Pisces Rising/Ascendant sign and I see myself in a WHOLE new light! I think I so often blow off the Risings because they are known as just our “mask” we wear like just our first impressions and then they fade away therefore, I have always focused on the deeper things! (PLUS if you dont have someones birth time its impossible to know this PRO tip for all you stalkers out there LOL) ANYWAY, I think neglecting this aspect has been a huge error on my part!

 Your Rising represents the way you engage and move in the world and how you bring into life the energies depicted by your Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart. Everything that makes you you is filtered through the lens of the Rising/Ascendant!




Aries: Forthright and direct manner, fearless leadership qualities. Develop your sensitivity/ empathy and tact as you work to marry your intellectual will with your intuition. Awareness of others can increase your effectiveness 🙌🏼👏🏼


Taurus: Slow, steady, consistent, soothing and comforting energy. Prefers to feel things out before leaping- not so much intuitively but through the physical experience of the world- so quite literally the 5 senses are essential to this placement. Watch for an over attachment to material tings here peeps!


Gemini: Eternal student, wordsmiths, flexible and freedom seeking. Typically a bubbling fountain of thoughts that can at times look like a elevated intellectual type that awaits the perfect time to download their knowledge on others in the most charming way of course. Work may be needed in the are of consistency, completion and resiliency.


Cancer: Gentle nature, familiar nature like the guy/girl next door vibe. Highly intuitive and sensitive- you may have the ability to tap into peoples auras or at least “Feel” who they are and their intentions. Physical movement and flow is super important for this placement as is a spiritual/meditative practice- with such heightened intuition a distinct nurturing of the mortal form is necessary for a sense of homeostasis.


Leo: Cannot help but be noticed with their electric energy and magnetism. Sometimes they are literally loud, have a beautiful mane or simply a regal manner that is so attractive to others. Eternal optimist and a consistent concern for the well being of those they love. Watch here for a fiery temper, irrational decision making, bossy or obtuse energy or an overly inflated ego.


Virgo: On a self improvement quest with a reserved nature and quite charm, sometimes shy and analytical before warming up ( This placement depends highly on Mercury, so consider this planets position as well). In general, though they will have a great body awareness and understanding of their physical needs and dietary requirements. Watch for overtly self-criticizing and being too hard on the self as well as analyzing a situation too much- channel a bit of a fire energy and leap a bit more freely into new things!


Libra: Pleasant, fair and generally liked by all- charming and easy going. There is a strong desire for peaceful relationships with harmony and beauty. There is a deep desire for partnership here as this is a source of confidence for Libra rising with this comes the greatest challenge or maintaining your individuality even through the blending of the partnership.


Scorpio: Powerful presence, with a penetrating gaze that sees right through facades and superficiality. Deep desire for power and control here. With such a heightened intensity for all things in life watch out for an over domineering energy towards pursuits and people. Use your passion to pivot and move swiftly through the world without the vengeance and jealousy that can come from an over attachment to outcomes and behaviors of others. Expectations are a breeding ground for disappointment.


Sagittarius: Enthusiasm and a bigger than life energy here that is positive and expansive. Confident and often times chatty and outgoing, everything they do is infused with a sense of humor that could charm the pants off of the most tight lipped! Watch for a restlessness here, a practice of presence in the moment would be a beautiful idea for sag rising. As you maximize your physical potential use this forward motion to also advance along your spiritual path.(Walking meditations or tai chi is awesome for this very reason Sag)


Capricorn: Patient, hardworking, dripping in deadpan humor and a serious almost business-like manner here. With a deep desire for structure here and this individual is often highly responsible. Age beautifully as they overcome childhood challenge and eventually loosen up. My advice here would be surround yourself with some air sign people or embrace and channel these qualities. There is a rigidity that can often suffocate the very joy of life due to a regimented and overly stern outlook on life and especially to the self. Allow mistakes to be made and forgiven- life is hard work but there is much pleasure to be had along the way Capricorn rising!


Aquarius: Unique and wise with an intellectually provocative agenda! Though, friendly and likeable with quirks and all! An awareness of self serving motivations partnered with and at times disguised as a humanitarian cause for the greater good can make those in your immediate circle feel unseen and unheard. A flexibility and ability to have empathy for others and their needs just might help you gain some recruits for your cause Aquarius rising!


Pisces: Gentle, irresistible soft charm and lovers of peace with a chameleon like personality. Like to feel their way through life avoiding organizational structures that threaten to pin them down. A practice in listening and honoring the inner voice is key here avoiding the influence of strong opinionated people. Work on synthesizing the feelings and intuitions with intellect will allow progress through personal trials as well as properly advising others on their personal path.

The Blonde Priestess