Full Moon || LIBRA 2018 Manifestations

Flashback to October. 19. 2017 where I scratched out a few manifestations I really wanted to get centered and focused and see come to fruition 6 months later as the correlating Libra Full Moon.

This is a testimony to the power of intention setting and how you can hold yourself to a great check in point by aligning yourself with the phases of the moon! As I accidentally stumbled upon these intentions I had messily scratched out on a thank you note from work, it dawned on me that I had created NEARLY every single one of my desires over this 6 month time frame.

It is also interesting to see how they have come to fruition in slightly different ways then I would have imagined. This is such a beautiful law of the universe. When we get clear about what we want but focus on the FEELING it is that we are wanting to create throughout the having of these things and then RELEASE- we then offer an opportunity to God and the Universe to design the desire as it should be for our greatest good... which can at times contrast what our imaginations are limited to create.

So I would offer to you to reflect on your life and what it was you were encountering and craving in the Fall of last year(2017) and then observe on how you feel towards these things now! You might be pleasantly surprised to discover just what you co-created into your NOW reality!

P.S. We have a New moon coming up in April in Aries- I would invite you to sit down with yourself over a nice cup of tea or chocolaty treat and get clear on the seeds you want to sow. What goals, dreams and desires can you birth into this world? And be sure to check back in at the corresponding Full Moon in Aries to reap your harvest!



The Blonde Priestess