A Home Of Our Own

For my love,

(I want to love in our home, I see you and me, our life and animals.)

A true partner and yang to my yin,

A man to stand in my storm and ride it till the end.

A match to my flame, 

my perfect twin.

You open my eyes and kiss me to close them back again.

I lay with you on the sand, the floor and the grassy hill,

Every inch of me your essence fills.

My clover, 

I love you like no other.

Come with me into the sea,

Make love to me and see.

This bond is patient, this love is kind,

you are my man and our partnership is divine.

Say Hi to Deb as I kiss Donna, Dora knows too...

That you were always my dance partner as I am to you.

Lets go for a ride B I’ll straddle the back.

Anywhere you lead I will follow and won’t look back.

No poem could ever be too long,

For your words inspire and your love is my song.

Encouraging my embers to life, you stoke the flame,

I want this love forever and hope you feel the same.


I'm so in love with you,