Divine Feminine

Los Angeles has been such a gift to me. There truly is never a dull moment in this city! After a night in the Chanel Pop Up House on Sunset I was totally feeling the awakening of my Root Chakra!

This was by far one of my most favorite rooms 💞

This awakening of my deep feme roots came full circle as lately, I have been exploring the writings of artist that I admire and that create their own content.

These words from Ab Soul(A piscean dream weaver) have immersed me into a space of unfolding. Reminding me of who I am and of the power that I wield within being a woman.


Excerpt from The Law-

(Ab Soul)

I know we were divided to restore the balance
Hope I still get you wet while you bending over backwards
Watching over me in ecstacy expecting me
Ya number is 6 and 50 interestingly
I hope you're still blue, with golden ovaries
On your tippy toes for me, just how you posed to be
They spoke of us in Cairo quite some time ago
How these atoms adapt to this it's incredible
They love to go to sleep, but hate to be awake
Treat the eye of horus as if it's just a symbol
Unattainable, they read the wrong rights
They see the signs but ain't see what the sign saw
But luckily love is the only law
Love is the, love is the only..


Queens, we are nodding back
Understand we are his back and
When he puts the arc in your back understand
That we took him to heaven where those golden arcs are at
Golden as sundrops, Queen
When he looks in your eyes you show him where the stars are at
And your beautiful, beautiful darkness
And in return he replies that girl I'll be your night
Your knight in shining armor
Cause you're my heart, queen
And lying on his chest our hearts beat box
And you and I are queens
We remind him that he can be all ours
Cause we all Gods
And God is Queen and God is love and
Love stays above all
Heaven, stars, queen, God, God

Love is the law
Love is the only law
Love is the only law



The Blonde Priestess

P.S. Special love for my UK goddess, Rachel, pictured below and shining with me at The Sunset House Chanel Popup shop in LA