Love Notes From Me....

So every now and then I would really love just to check in with yall and give you an update on my world, my vision for this space(as it is growing up every single day!) is to really just pull the curtain away a bit on the Blonde behind the Priestess. In doing so I hope that I can shed some light on some things you may also be going through and can join with me in growing through!

Right in this very moment I feel like having a climb to the top of a mountain and yelling "IM IN LOOOVVVEE" lol. I really want to keep the details of this in the incubation phase but I would be untrue if I said I wasn't floating around through my days feeling fully lit up not only by my path but by this exploration and connection with a beautiful beloved soul! We've been chasing each other around for many many lifetimes now according to my shaman friend and most importantly according to my heart! I am just swimming in the warm water of it all.

It's an odd and new thing for me to write about Love. Love with a capital L. Not love with a lower l- symbolizing a vibration of lust. I have found myself sprinkling this word around more and more freely. I shower my friends, my coworkers, strangers on the street and my family with these L's. This is actually a vibration I have stepped into most fully over the last year and I must say it's quite a remarkable and sparkly L to be exchanging now with a karmic partner.



The Blonde Priestess