Sun Diary|| Sagittarius


It’s no coincidence that we all get into the holiday “cheer” towards the end of the year! 😝🥳
Sagittarius is the celestial embodiment of JOY in human form!!🤩🌌
We are now officially in Sag season through December babes! So enjoy these elevated feels☀️
And Hbd archers!🏹 Y’all know you have a V v v special place in my heart💚❤️💫✨
Fav SAG Traits:
Eternal optimist💫
Truth teller and excavator 👁⛏
Deeply developed spiritual world & self created “religion”🤓🧐
Freedom loving and allowing🐎
Clever and colorful minds🧠
Passionate pursuers 🔥
Warm hearted ☄️
Philosopher of the Zodiac🦉


The Blonde Priestess