Moon Diary || Cancer *sigh of relief


The moon is now phasing through my natal 🌙 placement (watery intuitive Cancer) and that grounding I mentioned that was non existent over the weekend is now easing back into my world! CAN u sense it?!

Water signs in their own way can offer clarity and a sense of calm which I really believe is what we were missing over these past couple of days w/ all of the fire storms!
This Gem moon I think was tryin to shed some things off of me, to get me down to my core... I picked up a non self help book for the first time in probably my entire adult life yesterday and disappeared with it for the afternoon 🤤🤤📕devouring the rich language and fantastical stories, andddddd I did so with my NATURALLY straight hair yup!! And still felt like a queeeennn 👸🏼 even tho it’s not my 1st preferred hairstyle for me. 
Anyway that’s a shallow example of some shifts I’m feeling on a much deeper level. A remembering of who I am and what I love before I started deciding to be perfect 24/7 and the most intelligent and spiritual being. The me that would just be. 🌈 


The Blonde Priestess