The Ego's Pet Guilt | Priestess ACIM Lesson


Today, this am I am settling my mind in the body,

it currently seems like it would like to burst off into space thinking about everything and nothing! Today I decided to also just pick up where I had left off in A Course in Miracles, with our chats about Guilt in Chapter 13.

I will say before I dive into the text, I want to set an intention for the study and for my reading. I pray that I might be used as a pure and free flowing vessel for the light of God to flow through. I pray that I will be shown where to go, what to say and to whom. I trust in the divine creator that has the ultimate plan and I trust and I know that as each day passes I step more fully into that purpose that he has intended for me. No. Even faster than the day that pass, because time is irrelevant to God. May I in this moment as I type these words be fully aware of my divinty and of my God given blessing and purpose to create. I am so blessed, honored and grateful to be a spirit in human form aligned, in and on purpose. Thank you God, and I hold myself, you and all of my brothers and sisters in the highest position of love, respect and recognition. In them I see. Through you I see.

You are immortal because you are eternal, and “always” must be now. Guilt, then, is a way of holding past and future in your mind to ensure the ego’s continuity is guaranteed.

-A Course in Miracles

The guarantee of your continuity is God’s, not the Ego’s.

-A Course in Miracles

Immortality is the opposite of time, for time passes away, while immortality is constant.

-A Course in Miracles