Day 5 Love w/o Conflict || Priestess ACIM Lesson


Wow Day 5 of my 40 day commitment to studying A Course in Miracles makein my ego itch and sweat!

I felt it in my tummy and in the thoughts that were randomly and viciously springing in to my mind as I read over Chapter 4 III “Love without Conflict”.

Your ego and your Spirit will never be co-creators, but your Spirit and your Creator will always be.

-A Course in Miracles

There could not have been more reassuring words for my soul to ingest today as my ego mind has been especially loud. Internally expressing expectations on the way I wanted to receive love today on my day of birth. SOOO incredibly silly and also sooo incredibly real. I am challenging myself through this commitment to be as honest as I possible can with my reflections. I’m a very sensitive and moody creature y’all, and I love lots of attention and love as much as I treasure my space and freedom. Therefore, in my mind I have the perfect formula for all of my people to be using and operating with when showing me affection. As you can imagine ALL of these blocks to love are formulated in my ego mind (more on this in a ACIM quote below), and cause me great conflict and disturbance when I am facing my reality- which often differs from my fantasy.

YES I am aware which is great, but I want to break these barriers to love that I have built even more! I want to free myself and the people I love from these impossible expectations of my ego mind. I want to be aligned with source, full with the love of the universe and so much so in alignment that ‘need’ is not a relevant feeling in my vocabulary.

Well, cheers to growth and what a beautiful thing to come to my awareness so full circle and on my day of birth of all days! A time when we begin a new season a new cycle and new lessons.

Next phase butterfly, you’re doing great😘 #priestess#peptalks#selflove

The Kingdom of Heaven is you.

-A Course in Miracles

You who identify with your ego cannot believe God loves you… You do not love what you made(ego), and what you made does not love you.

-A Course in Miracles

Love will enter immediately into any mind that truly wants it, but it must want it truly. This means that it wants it without ambivalence, and this kind of wanting is wholly without the ego’s “drive to get”.

-A Course in Miracles

Because I wait in love and not in impatience, you will surely ask me truly. I will come in response to a single unequivocal call.

- A Course in Miracles

In your own mind, though denied by the ego, is the declaration of your release. God has given you everything. This one fact means the ego does not exist, and this makes it profoundly afraid.

- A Course in Miracles

The ego’s language “to have” and “to be” are different , but they are identical to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows that you both have everything and are everything. The ego is desperate because it opposes literally invincible odds, whether you are asleep or awoke. Consider how much vigilance you have been willing to exert to protect your ego, and how little to protect your right mind.

- A Course in Miracles