Kiss || Priestess Poetry


 You are my lover

you say I remind you of your mother,

her care for you intertwined with mine.

she guided us together for reasons divine.

with you I would walk the edges of every dimension,

with us we could expand consciousness into ascension!

Thank you for being the kind of man to hold my hand,

we share a heartbeat, a soul, a plan.

when we are connected sparks fly, 

you made me give love another try.

I’ve never met a being as colorful as yours,

the pull of my soul will always be towards that shore.

For now we live in my heart and my vision trips,

hopeful and strong like the songs on our lips.

wonder what it will feel like to share a kiss…

a  joining of souls, a physical expression of the deepest love. 

our time will come like a feather falling off the wing of a dove,

orchestrated by a divine conductor choreographing our connection.

I wouldn’t rush a single moment of our long distance affection.

I love you B