Love Scroll || Priestess 101


I have a long rocky journey with loving mysel but as Abraham Hicks says let’s focus on the now and what we want to call in not the past full of pain etc....

Soooo right now I am feeling realigned w/ my true self, I feel honored and while I still feel tender like a cut healing I know that the feels happened to raise something to my awareness

I have a knack for realizing when I’ve been suppressing and then I kind of just completely break down and start again (via expression tears and love scroll)

After a month(Jan) full of hard Capricorn acquiring, pushing and climbing...

my feme was completely in the corner and crying for attention. I ignored her bc well let’s face it she’s not as good at making money, serving, teaching and giving/ solving problem for EVERYONE else... but in her own way she is- and I still am practicing relaxing into her space and working from there, yes maybe slower with more breaks and kitty cuddles but I end up getting my work done eventually and still feeling 100% me, a divine feminine creature and creator!

I love how we all have both of these forces masc x feme moving within us and even when we loose the right natural formula for us we can STILL rebalance, adjust and be brought back to an equilibrium...

SOO back to the scroll....

If you TOOO are feeling you’ve forgotten your self worth, your beautiful feminine creative passionate energy it may feel good to remind yourself of all that you are🌻 to read it in the mirror to yourself look you in the eye, call you by name and really allow yourself to be seen. Tell you that it’s okay and that you are so strong and loved and doing the very best you can!


The Blonde Priestess

To my endless source of inspiration, B, I love serving others w/ you just look at how I glow in your light as proof.