VDAY || Priestess 101


“Love won’t tear us apart”
Happy Valentine’s Day beloveds! May you use this day as an opportunity to especially honor the ones that have shown you what it’s like to be fully seen, loved, cherished, held and accepted.

I have to say 99.999% of my vdays were ones where I was single AF so if you are, I FEEL U

…but I DID always make a point of doing something for myself and loving up on my mom, my girlfriends and my family ANYWAYS and hope you will too!

You always have someone honored by your light even if it’s just yourself 😉😘listen babes👉🏼👉🏼Practice being celebrated and celebrating others, especially if that’s what your calling in!!

But let me practice what I preach...

.Babe!! My fav thing about us is how much we thank and praise eachother!! I am forever honoring you and your path B♐️and you do the same for me! Thank you for coming into my world like a man straight up ON a mission!

You bring a value that goes beyond words and you speak to the very best parts of me and call them forward!🌻 I’ve never been so cherished and seen before, thank you for the man that you choose to be and I owe the world and more to that sweet angels hand on you♋️💐🖤! All the stars, ancestors, sun and moon seemed to arrange our meeting and continue to unfold our path, how blessed are we?! happy vday clover

xoxoxo’s from across the globe


The Blonde Priestess