Good Day. Bad Day. Smile Anyway. || Priestess 101


Sometimes you just have to smile anyway!

My babe recently shared a very profound teacher whom I could best describe as an invisible-medicinal meditation guru, teaching the Tao and techniques designed to bring more joy into our physical being! DRUMROLL…….

Mantak Chia

He speaks on something that was so profound it shook me to tears!

The smile within. Or the smile of the heart. A practice that is done when you close your eyes and picture your actual anatomical heart being wrapped in love, joy and an abundance of gratitude! It is a simple and natural practice that I found so beautifully brilliant yet also exceptionally profound.

I have been utilizing this practice on a daily basis! It is my first thought before I move from under my covers in the a.m. and it is tool I used to tune up through out my day with!

You can check out more nuggets of wisdom from this man and the practice of smiling at and with the heart in this interview.


The Blonde Priestess