September Horoscopes || DIVINE FEME



In honor and tribute of the late Mac Miller I inspired to take a new spin on Horoscopes and what better way to birth my very first monthly horoscope into the world  than by co-creating with song lyrics (my fav) and the stars (also my fav)?!

First I want to say if you have not listened to this album yet, it was dropped in coincidentally enough, September of 2016 and since then it has had a V special place in my heart as I transition from seasons of lust, loneliness and now as I feel so in love the songs have an even different meaning. Mac’s words truly meet you where you at and can offer comfort and a feeling of not being alone in all the feels to be had in the crazy world of romance.

Lastly, I would like to share this quote from Mac when asked about ‘what the concept of Divine Fememine meant to him and if he chose this “outlandish” name for a rap// R&B album because he thought of himself as a feminist?’.

I mean to me, women have always been the sturdiest people in my life and have been incredible sources of energy. I don’t know if I’m a feminist, but I just know that I am all for outspoken, powerful women. I’m blessed with them in my life. I don’t know if that makes me a feminist. A lot of this record is about the energy surrounding this planet. It’s a feminine one — Mother Earth. We need to hold that up as something sacred.

So much wisdom in that statement! Soo….

I am so excited to share with you your September Horoscopes unfolded with the lovely lyrics I hand selected from this beautiful album. I based each lyric off of the themes that will be coming up for you in this month!

P.S. If you know your Rising sign and Moon sign PLEASE read those as well! And if you have no idea what those are can we PLEASEEE do a reading together- ya gotta know these things!! 😁😉


The Blonde Priestess


Aries || Virgo sun lighting up the 6th

“You get closer with me run away
All I ever know is the color gray
Your loving ways bring me sunshine
I found an angel so divine
Heaven probably not the same without you
But now you're in my world
In my world, ah” -Congratulations

Taurus || Virgo sun lighting up your 5th house

 “Girl you my painting
You my art installation
Gonna fuck you, put you on the wall
All I wanna do is show you off” -Skin

Gemini || Virgo sun lighting up your  4th house

“I think you're too, too fine for my human mind
When I'm with you what do you do with me to fly
No matter what, one day everyone dies
You think you are God until you run out of time
Yeah, when you're gone what will you leave behind?
Yeah, do I belong sometime soon, where goes my mind?” -Soulmate

-4th house nostalgia deeper meaning of life, cancerian themes

Cancer || Virgo sun lighting up your 3rd house

“Well, I've tried to call you, have us a discussion
We never talk, we always way too busy fuckin'
I'll think of something to say, I always do
I'm in love with the way that you say my name
Every time it sound brand new

And you, always wonderin' what we'll be
I say we sound better than you or me” -We

-       Communication, letters, poetry

Leo || Virgo sun lighting up your 2nd house 

“If we made it last, it'd be a bargin
Mr. Charmin' that is my department

 You was there before the fancy cars and
You was there when I was just a starvin' artist
When the car was havin' trouble startin'” -Congratulations

Virgo || HBD babes! Virgo sun lighting up your 1st house

“Well all my days now, they changin'
I got angels, no more Satan
Looks like God's on my side
This time
I been meanin' to tell you
You lookin' better every day
Write you letters
It's only right that right after love I write my name, yeah
If it's forever or never it's all the same” -Cinderella

Libra || Virgo sun lighting up your 12th house

You in my dreams that's why I sleep all the time
Just to hear you say I love you, just to touch you, just to leave you behind
I told you, you don't have to worry, you'll be fine
This the type of thing I heard it happen all the time” -Cinderella

 12th Ruled by dream pisces subconscious mind 

Scorpio || Virgo sun lighting up your 11th house

“You're the only thing for me in this fucked up world
And do you believe in love?
Hold on tight when demons come
It'll be alright, no need to run
Stay with me tonight, we'll see the sun” -God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty

Sagittarius || Virgo sun lighting up your 10th house

I paint the planet gold
I swear it, Michelangelo
I don't understand you so
They didn't want a man when it was man was broke
But now they know me
And I know what I don't need
No Six, no Beamers, no Benz” -Skin

 10th house is sun transits are a great time to reflect on how far you’ve come on the path.

Capricorn || Virgo sun lighting up your  9th house

“We could quit the whole game, do the real estate…

 Be on top of your game this here a goddess
Now I ain't here to break a promise
I'm just tryna keep it honest
And honestly

Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth….Don't go back on my word” - Planet God Damn

-9th house ruled by Sagittarius, a truth obsessed sign

that cultivates honesty in their partners and in themselves.

Where can you lean deeper into cultivating this.

Also stay open to long distance travel and higher

education or the learning of a new skill/ modality/ language.

All of which are ninth house staples!

Aquarius || Virgo sun lighting up your  8th house

“Heart to my dying light, bullet to your rose
Then I want you better fold
Don't you know your body been mine?
I know you know I know

Sexy, nasty, have no guideline
One day, four times
You don't mind that I don't care (pleasure, pleasure)
Your divinity has turned me into a sinner
God is fair (pleasure, pleasure)
And your beauty can even make hell have a winter” - God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty

Pisces || Virgo sun lighting up your  7th house

“Said, you know I know who you really are, ain't need to lie
Said, the universe couldn't keep us apart
Why would it even try?
Yeah, said, don't let them hurt you ever
I know you far too smart
Before things come together, they have to fall apart
It's been a while since I've been sober
This life can be so hard, I'd rather talk about you” -My Favorite Part