Women! Start here...

The new wave of feminism is actually an internal movement! First, #selflove then elevation of our sisters and ultimately the world! No men or political parties are to blame for our self imposed suppression- this is especially true for American women, who have been free for a little while now

I feel sooo honored to be a woman!

As women we must remember who we are, and speak and express as if no one ever told us to 'shhhhhh' or 'be more ladylike'- OF COURSE we must do so with love and respect for all especially our beloved divine masculine.

Seriously though Feme’s! Can we just take a moment to honor the fact that we were godly chosen, selected, TRUSTED portals for creation itself!? 

I feel like this alone shows we’ve got a few tings ta say to the world!!!

...Like we’ve got to be channeling some seriously other worldly energies, right?!?

I say yes!



The Blonde Priestess