Words Beyond Time || Poem Series

Sand through the hourglass

Days pass...

I love you’s multiply. 

Desire expands.

With no end in sight.

Where do we go?

Is it for us to know?

Shall we just stumble along,

expressing our words through every love song?

I lie in the sand as you kiss my hand.

In this vision I’ll stay,

until that divinely arranged day,

where I feel your touch and the warmth of your gaze.

I’ve always known my wait would be worth it,

I always knew our love would be perfect.

Perfectly, divinely flawed,

together we have it all.

Words sent through time, miles and space, 

as you read I imagine the lines and smiles on your face.

This love is rooted deeper than my comprehension,

Do you remember when you told me you loved me and I left you in suspension? 

This level of love scared me.

Trusting a man was beyond what I could see.

Yet still your voice resounded an echo of love unconditionally. 


A day later I saw that me was stronger as we....

I said I love you too most honestly.

Two lights floating together lighter than the breeze

You fill my soul with hope, joy, passion and positivity.

So as the sands pass with time, 

Our stars will continue to shift and align.

Until that day when I meet your gaze,

My eyes will search for you in every city, every place.


I love you hunny,