Priestess 101

I want to share one of my greatest revelations with yall today...

A full life is attained through experiences in relationships, in life, in love and in suffering. As humans we require all of these things, and as souls we were designed to lean into others in order to fulfill each others divine contracts.
— The Blonde Priestess

I was thinking about even with animals they seem to have an understanding for their need for proximity with their fellow brothers and sisters. Horses for instance are stalled and stabled in pairs or introduced into a herd when released into pastures. Many if not all other creatures choose through their basic knowledge of survival to be a member of a pack. Furthermore, animals are aware that should separation from the herd occur then they will become not only a target for predators but also will begin to decline physically and mentally through isolation.

So now why is it that when it comes to us humans we forget this?

We are simply glorified animals that walk around on tiny plastic stilts, painting our faces and reading things on lighted screens written by other glorified painted faced animal stilt walkers! Hahah talk about perspective!

We can address those points on humanity later, my biggest takeaway for today is how we can unlearn the habits of isolation, tap back into our animal instincts and realize while space and time alone may be okay and necessary, it is unnatural to our very makeup to take long extended periods of leave. Let me encourage you to find your people, lean into your people, find the ones you trust with your whole heart and remember that your souls wrote each other into the grand divine plan.

Be vulnerable, be open, be loving and most of all be in community! Take it from someone who lived the majority of her life pushing away, hiding away and excusing herself with the ego phrase "I'm just focusing on working on myself". Essentially this was due to the fact that I didn't feel worthy, unable to measure up to my own personal standards and I didn't feel anyone else measured up to them either.

Judgement, seperation and emotional turmoil all resulted from this season in my life.

And while in this season I was ultimately successful in some sense of the word, my world was extremely one sided and beyond lonely. It took me years to heal this mentality and now being on the other side of the isolation coin I know that while I may need breaks and time alone I will never allow myself to fade away into the background like that again! The love, joy and beautiful lessons that are waiting for us when we step into community with others is worth every potential heartbreak, betrayal or whatever other fear chains that may restrain you!

You've got this!! There are soo many people just waiting to love you!



The Blonde Priestess