A little birdy told me...

Rockets of Desire CC Abraham Hicks

One of my most favorite Abraham Hicks quotes is when she speaks about launching your rockets of desire! These are created as new preferences brought to your attention by the contrast! I remember when I first read and really understood these words! The beauty of seeing the things I didn’t want as simply contrast and not malicious bad luck from the universe was huge! And that these sources of conflicting feelings were simply helping me polish what it was that I truly desired! GROUNDBREAKING

The valuable contrast continues to provide the birthing of endless new desires, and as each desire is born, Source responds to the desire. It is a never-ending, always flowing, pure, positive Energy expansion.
— AH


Apply this principle to all aspects of your life, I saw this BIG time with relationships ♥️ and I found a way to be grateful for the contrasting people and pain that showed me exactly what it was I didn’t want and pushed me to reach for the qualities in myself and in another that just made me feel good!! Which is what we all are ever truly seeking!🦋✨ Celebrate the contrast and send out those new rockets of desire and watch as the universe unfailing responds in kind to the thoughts you give the most attention to!


The Blonde Priestess