Uranus: otw Taurus: 😳 Me: 🆘

 I finally found a way to express the way I’ve been feeling since #Uranus transitioned AFTER it’s 7 year cycle in Aries to TAURUS (aka my 2nd house) earlier this month

Do you know what house Taurus rules in your natal chart?!

{If not let me know and your girl can hook you up with a reading}

Check it out to get a taste for what area of your world is going to be undergoing some spontaneous shakeups with Uranus swirlin through for its next 7yr cycle!

 Uranus is a planet full of surprises with an electric, creative and resourceful energy! His goal is to reimagine these areas of our lives, flip em upside down and shake em around essentially.... Sounds super fun right?! TRUST me though it is always for the better and tbh speaking for myself, I can’t wait to meet the woman at the end of this cycle bc she’s about to be a major girl boss!
Ps if Kermit memes aren’t cool any more then I’m okay w/ being uncool bc they honestly crack me up every time 👏🏼😂😅🐸☕️



The Blonde Priestess