Love Notes From Me....

Y’all remember my story about blowing kisses to myself?!

Well I’m not kidding! It took many years before I became my biggest fan! Years of trying to morph my personality, body and beliefs into someone I thought would be loved and accepted and most of all admired! (🦁Leo mars😅) BUT let’s be real we ALL want those things. The catch is we think these are feelings we can only get outside of ourselves... and temporarily you definitely can. But these faux feels pass- sometimes only moments after you’ve heard the compliment or validation or eventually they pass when your alone. Either way they DO always pass and then your left with you, the you that is pretending to be ANYthing but you!!

 I feel very passionate about sharing my story with this bc I think we inflict so much pressure on ourselves to be or look or say things a certain way and to basically just be perfect! But the truth I have found through many trials, pain and moments of feeling like an absolute alien in my own skin is that only I can give myself the deepest Acceptance, Love and Validation I was desperately grasping for #selflove More on this soon!!

Love yourself babes everything is SOO much easier when your right within!



The Blonde Priestess